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Project Management

Dutchcon Project Management has an advisory and supporting role in property projects such as lay–out questions, (internal) rebuilding and relocations and removals. Dutchcon Project Management will clearly chart the desires , requirements and (pre–)conditions of the customer, which will reveal during the project. Dutchcon Project Management works as an extension of the customer using present expertise to realise the customers´ objectives.

Dutchcon Project Management will advise the customer concerning the process and the contents, where the important aspects (such as quality, costs, time and possible risks) will be a guiding principle to organise and accompany the project. By keeping the customer informed at all time the customer will stay in control of the project, though much work will be taken off his hands.

Many years of work experience from initiative to realisation phase as well as the acquintance of highly qualified architects, builders and suppliers being deployed at the right moment will guarantee a professional course of the project.

Dutchcon Project Management offers services to both building owners and occupants.

Project Manangement
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